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Movies & Casino

     Going to see Journey 2 with “The Rock” with friends then Casino and meeting hubby there for dinner and a little more gambling later, sometimes it doesn’t always work out since I became a non smoker all the cigarette smell gets to me after a while so we don’t stay too terribly long.  The dinner buffet is pretty decent with Sushi and Shrimp Cocktail I enjoy it with a salad and of course a small desert, usually cheesecake.  All in all gonna have a fun filled day planned and already got my workout in plus my ab dvd so I feel like I accomplished a lot today and that’s a fantastic feeling!  This Les Mills Pump workout is a blast I look forward to every day I get to workout with the barbell it’s really fun and I enjoy the cardio but the weights are more my thing, but I know I need both so that’s what I do.  The yoga dvd “Flow” is really nice and I’m thinking about doing it twice a week instead of just once, it stretches me and gets oxygen into my muscles and that always feel good!

     My granddaughter is spending the night after my fun filled day and that’s a lot of excitement.  It’s fun to watch my hubby with her he thinks she’s Papa’s girl, how do I break it to him she’s not? Haha well that’s not true she is a Papa’s girl sometimes he’s the only one she will give kisses to little monster!  Life is different with a little one around again it makes you stop and see the roses through a childs eyes and that is something spectacular, can’t wait to take her to the zoo this summer along with swimming and walking, whatever I can do to keep this baby active and having a good time cause she’s a ray of sunshine in my life.  Her first birthday is coming up in less than a month and we have to get planning and ordering cake soon, gonna be Hello Kitty themed, gotta thank her momma for that.

Hope your weekends been good & EXERCISE  ( :


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Get kinda bummed on rest days.

     It’s nice to have a rest day once a week but I feel like I’m getting cheated out of a workout and that kinda stinks.  I really enjoy working out, although my glute is hurting a bit right now and my body probably needs the rest day I still wanna work out, especially with the way I’ve been feeling lately.  I love my yoga days I feel like it lengthens my body to give me a sleek long look so I know it’s really important but I want to move and jump around.  I have a super busy day tomorrow with work so stretching and relaxing might get me through the day better and it’s gonna be a long one, but long days equals more $$$.  There’s so many movies out right now I want to see and think my girls and I are gonna go see a couple this weekend hopefully but I’m not a big fan of movie theaters.  I’m the kind of girl that would rather wait for it to come out on dvd silly I know but that’s how I am.  It’s a little easier to go to the movies now that I’m a non smoker but I still have a problem sitting still for that long.

     Well we haven’t had much of a winter here in St Louis this year it just skipped right over us, it was actually in the upper 50’s lower 60’s a couple days ago then we got a “cold” front knocked us back in the 40’s ooooohhh.  A little disappointed about that cause I enjoy having all the seasons here we get to wear different clothing and cute styles throughout the year but my boots are retired for this season and didn’t get much use and you know they will be out of style by the time next winter rolls around.  I’m not quite ready for summer yet I have to get on the ball and start eating better, that is what’s holding me back  I just know it but it’s so hard to be good all the time, hell it’s hard to be good some of the time lol.  Today is the first day of the rest of your life, I love that saying and it’s true everyday that you wake up, so if you ever want to give up on yourself just remember that and do it!  We can all achieve the dreams we want, write them down, aim for them & accomplish them!

Have a wonderful weekend & EXERCISE  ( :

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I’m steadily gaining weight.

     I’ve gotten so lazy I truly have and it’s time to change it now.  There’s no sense busting my butt to exercise if I’m not going to eat the proper nutrition along with it, just stupid if you ask me.  So today at the grocery store I’m buying a veggie tray and eating more of that when I’m hungry instead of munching on fattening food that’s just no good for me.  I haven’t gained much a couple pounds BUT I’m still trying to lose weight not stay the same or gain it, dang!  I think the problem is I’m comfortable with where my body is, let me repeat just comfy, I’m not anywhere close to how I want this body to be when I’m done shaping it how I want it, so what to do?  Well I keep reading your body is 80% what you eat and only 20% what you do so this makes a lot of sense cause my body is taking a turn and it’s time to u-turn it right back in the correct direction.  So far today has been a good day and I plan on it staying that way, time to get serious about my fitness goals.  I’ve been so excited for summer and my big smile is gonna melt when my swimsuit doesn’t look how I want it to because I didn’t want to eat properly and I’m ready to wear some shorts and bikinis and do a lot of summer fun.  Today is my back on track day, this is it, now or never, do or die here I go……………

Have a fantastic Friday & EXERCISE  ( :

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I pulled a butt muscle :(

     Oh wow my backside hurts and I’m pretty sure I pulled a muscle lol, so I just put some biofreeze on it and took an ibuprofen.  It better hope it heels by Sunday because that’s my next Pump day, tomorrow is cardio and Saturday is my rest/yoga day so I have a couple days to relax it.  I googled it and it said ice the first three days then heat so I’m gonna ice up my hiney and hope the ibuprofen kicks in a bit, then I’m gonna quit crying and enjoy the pain.  Not sure if I ever have pulled my butt muscles before but it’s a little uncomfortable.  Anyways been having a fantastic week aside from my shameful eating habits, it’s time to buck up and get back into my healthy eating and try and get this last 15 lbs off my body.  Summer is right around the corner and I ordered 3 Victoria Secret bathing suits and plan on doing a lot of outdoor activities so my body has got to get in gear and start shaving off a few more inches and lean out some more.  I’m really enjoying these pump dvd’s I believe I’ve found my soulmate workouts and can’t wait to take them to the gym, although I know the first few classes will probably be a little embarrassing till I get in the groove of the social part of the class, which I think is a big part of it.  I love how every instructor is so motivating, they push me when I want to give up and tell me things like this is when the change happens, well who’s gonna quit then? Not me I want the change dammit, that’s one of the reasons I work out.  Another reason is I feel better, stronger & healthier, everyday life activities have gotten easier, I’m really enjoying all the benefits that a simple thing like exercise has brought into my life, who knew? Exercise? Yup simple easy & free exercise has changed my life so drastically, I can’t wait to be able to jump without jiggle lol and workout without pulling something, but in time all good things will come.  Now that I’m older I have enough patience to wait for it, so come on body give it to me.  Well I’m gonna go slap some ice on my rear end and then get my abs in for the day, I’ve put them off long enough and sometimes I even do two of them, we’ll see how I feel a little later.

Have a terrific weekend & EXERCISE  ( :

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Weekly Fitbit stats

My avg. daily fitbit #fitstats for last week: 8,162 steps and 3.6 miles traveled.

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Doing a little late night eating :(

     Not sure exactly why but I’ve been craving something sweet & chocolatey, I even justified it with some chocolate covered strawberries. Besides those I haven’t been horrible, mostly fresh fruit & sugar free jello/pudding but shame on me and the scale is playing tug a war with me and it’s making me crazy.  Just in a little mental funk right now not exactly sure why but ready to shake out of it.  There are so many positive changes going on in my life right now maybe I’m just in a whirlwind but I do know that not a day goes by do I miss a workout and I’m loving Les Mills.  Yes everyone’s probably tired of hearing me talk about it but I’m floored with the results so far and inches lost in only 10 days, I can almost see the athletic girl stuck inside me starting to come out.   I feel so much younger & stronger than I did a few months ago and I know it’s only going to get better as I progress on this journey.

Have a Terrific Tuesday & EXERCISE  ( :

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My life has been so hectic!

     The last few days have flown by since going to Mardi Gras on Saturday, which I had an absolute blast at!!!  Ready to take on the week tomorrow I will be half way into my Les Mills Pump workouts for the week and I’m doing Pump N Shred for the first time, I’m a little nervous about the pain lol but I’m super excited to be doing 45 min instead of 20 or 30.  The more I put in the more I get out and I’m loving this program so very much, my daughter worked out with me today and fell in love with the DVDs.  She even said that going to the gym to do the classes would be something she’s interested in doing with me so in a couple months when she’s done with school and I finish my at home Les Mills Pump we are going down the street to 24 Hr Fitness and checking out the BodyPump classes there and maybe at Golds Gym too.  I guess I’m just gonna have to go to both gyms and check them out cause I’ve never been to either, heck I haven’t been to a gym to workout in a while now, but damn I’m getting close to being ready.

     Life’s been good lately, the weather’s getting nicer every day and soon spring then summer will be here and I can’t wait to do some zip lining and water skiing.  We even thought about going to a cabin nearby and horseback riding, it will be even more fun when my grand baby can go and do some of this fun stuff with us.  My mom’s gonna be here in a few weeks, will be nice to see her again and of course we have the babies 1st Birthday Party coming up, gonna be good times.

Have a fantastic week & EXERCISE  ( :

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My life is so complete!

     I feel like one of the luckiest girls in the world and I’m surrounded by so much love.  This past year has brought my family so very close, maybe it’s the birth of a new baby to the family but it’s the greatest feeling I’ve known.  It seems easy to stay a non smoker when I look at this baby girl, and easier yet to get up and exercise everyday to strengthen my body to be able to play with her and toss her in the air and be able to do so much more than I could just a few short months ago.  My joy spreads to both my girls who are in really good places in their lives, achieving goals & dreams.  I’m so proud of both of them, my oldest went to her senior year in high school pregnant to graduate & walk with her class and my youngest is almost finished with cosmetology school.  Whew we did it, managed to get through the tough teenage years and come out alright!

     Feeling stronger & stronger everyday and loving it.  This new program is a good match for me, I’m really hoping I get up the nerve to make it to a group class in the gym cause I found some cute workout clothes at Victoria Secret, yup I said it.  Who doesn’t want to look cute at the gym? Really? It’s not my main priority but it would be kind of nice, plus isn’t that why we are going there to change our bodies? Shoot I love changing my body I feel better all the time and shopping has become a sport 😀

     The next couple days are gonna be a blast!!!!! Tomorrow is a day spa with massage, facial, pedicure & manicure, so relaxing and Saturday is MARDI GRAS bitches and I’m going.  I decided to play hooky from work and actually go this year and I plan on having a good time.  So bring on the next couple days I’m ready…. here we go……………..

Have a great weekend & EXERCISE  ( :

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Yesterday was great but…..

     I ate way tooooo  much!  Hubby sent some beautiful flowers and then we went to eat at Landry’s, I absolutely love their oysters and oyster rockefeller, sooo good.  Then I added a little shrimp fresca and cheesecake for desert, of course I brought it home and munched on it later and I feel like crap today so back to eating healthy again.  I just had my shakeology with a little natural peanut butter and banana then going to do some cardio for my exercise today.  Plan on cooking dinner tonight, I really need to get back into the habit of doing that, everyone in the house was losing weight while I was cooking nightly.  Tonight the menu is beef & broccoli, yum!  I bought the Mario Lopez eat lean books and they look fantastic.  They have 5 weeks laid out for you: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and at the beginning of every week there is a shopping list then tells you what to prepare at the beginning of the week, I’m really wanting to try that only because it looks so darn easy I mean everything is right there on what to eat and when, plus a list? It doesn’t seem like it could be easier unless you had someone doing it for you.  Has anyone tried the Mario Lopez eat lean books? Well I will try and follow it and post my results, I can’t imagine they would be anything but fantastic.

     I worked out to Brazil Butt Lift cardio axe today and hated it so I’m gonna do Les Mills Step also, but I did the the tummy tuck from BBL and it kicked my tummy all over the place, awesome workout.  The cardio was just too dancy for me, so I’ll stick with the Pump cardio’s while I’m working out with that for the next few months, or if anything I’ll add some of my CLX cardio workouts cause they kicked my butt big time and I finished in a pool of sweat and that’s what I want.

Happy Hump Day & EXERCISE  ( :

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Happy Valentine’s Day

     It actually snowed here last night so we have a couple inches on the ground this morning, but it looks like they actually plowed pretty good so the streets shouldn’t be that bad, especially for all the poor souls delivering flowers today.  The honey and I have reservations tonight and I’m pretty excited because we’re going to Landry’s for raw oysters & oysters rockefeller.  Today’s also a work day, not too terribly busy but have a few clients, so that’s a good thing.  I always enjoy the time I spend with my clients, they always brighten my day.  Then going straight from work to dinner, maybe we can hit the casino afterwards, I haven’t been there in  a long time.  It’s a little difficult because of all the smoking so I usually don’t stay too long but it’d be nice to get out with the hubby for a few hours.  Edit… while blogging my daughter called to see if Maira could spend the night cause I’m watching her tomorrow anyways so after dinner we’ll just go get her which trumps the casino any day.  Now that she lives 20 minutes away in her own place verses a couple blocks so getting the baby twice a week is a gift, because she could be far away and me not see her at all.

Day 3 of Les Mills Pump and I want MORE!!!! This is good stuff, I’m really enjoying the barbell, not right on que with all the moves yet, especially the clean & press (think that’s what  it’s called 🙂 but I’m learning.  Really glad i bought the deluxe kit with the extra cardio dvd’s and step although I haven’t used that yet.  I’ve actually lost a few more pounds for a total of 50 pounds in the last year, feeling a little proud about that.  Today I’m doing Pump N Burn for the first time and I know it’s gonna kick my ass a bit and that’s what I like.  Someday I’ll make it to my local gym to check out a class: how crowded, instructors, attire and so on but it’s hard for me to make it to a gym, not sure why.  Anyone else have that problem? It’s so much easier just to work out at home then get my rear in gear and drive to a gym.  Working out at home only requires me to change and walk downstairs and then there’s no excuses to be made!  Maybe I’ll never be a gym person who knows, but it would be nice to meet new people.  Sometimes we get in such a routine that’s it’s hard meeting people and seeing new faces and that’s where I feel I’m at right now.  Plus it would be awesome to have more people around me that are involved with fitness and are concerned with their overall health, maybe even find a few new activities along the way.

Hope everyone has a nice Valentine’s Day & EXERCISE  ( :

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